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October 31, 2018 - Uncategorized

As the forums come back online, and while our previous users find my previous post and continue to rejoin, there is something I would like to address: new users

We have always been a lightly secluded gathering of folk, but we have always embraced new users and brought them into the fold; there is, however, a small influx of users joining that are related to ‘johnisdead’.

I suppose I knew this would happen, and there’s only one way to address. Welcome them, teach them, and embrace them… with one eye open.

These users will be placed into the ‘Internet Detectives’ usergroup as they are identified (that name is what they already call themselves in other parts of the internet).

Keep lips sealed on certain subjects. Stay wary.

Change their minds.

3 thoughts on “New users


Doesn’t seem to be much to worry about with them, they appear to be curious about the hack and who did it.

do you care

This has no sense,join


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