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Area 51

Post by Bellimor » August 25th, 2019, 10:46 am

Alright, yes, I'm going to go ahead and do this. Mostly because there is something I want to explore about it that perhaps speaking with others about can give a little insight.

Everybody knows Area 51 is a top secret government compound, but what is inside? The general public is a little blurry on that- big G likes to insist that it's a testing site for new aircraft, weapons, etc. It is a perfect place for things like that, don't get me mixed up here. They could very well be conducting experiments. But why guard it so heavily? Why swear to secrecy?

Anyways, we all know there's something more going on, and when the Storm Area 51 meme popped up it was obviously well met when people realized, and I quote, "They can't stop all of us." It would not be the first time this tactic was used in protests. It usually works.

However, most other protests aren't posted with signs that say the personnel can and will shoot you down if you trespass. That being said... We have a few courses of action. Go to 'storm' Area 51 and actually do nothing/don't show up. Actually storm Area 51 and get slaughtered- would the big G give the order? Third, storm Area 51 and DON'T get mowed down, and actually find out what all has been hidden from the public eye.

My favorite option, probably the least ethical one, is the order being given and having people massacred for the simple action of rebellion. It would be the perfect catalyst to spark people up and warrant change in the system that has been corrupt for so long. If big G sees this and decides to just let people in to avoid a civil conflict that would arise from what would be a mistake on their part, then this could be the beginning of change towards a more transparent system. Who knows?

The only thing we should fear is showing up and being too afraid to do something, to stand up against big G hiding information from us. We should fear failure of invoking change.

Yeah, I know it was a meme, but it actually garnered attention beyond the scope of any petition or protest. What are you guys hoping to see happen?
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