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Post by Actual_slinky » August 26th, 2019, 7:32 pm

Hello! Slinky here, i have been recently watching jojo's bizarre adventure, wich is a very cool anime tbh, in this anime, some of the charcters use a special kind of hability, named stands, these are a representation of the mind power a user has, my thougths were that if someone concentrated enough and trained for it, could deploy a less "cartoony" kind of entity, as a stand is pretty much impossible to produce, a ethereal entity created with the power of someone's mind could be possible, as a kind of telekinesis but with enough power to atack someone as a representation of yourself, im talking seriously as it's a thought i had,even tho it looks like a meme :mrgreen:

you can take some references thru

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Re: Stands

Post by Bellimor » February 15th, 2020, 3:59 pm

This kind of power or ability has been proven time and time again, albeit less powerful or of likeness to the creator. A powerful representation of this in mass media are poltergeists, subconscious creations with telekinetic abilities that often terrorize the person that created it and the people around them. It is possible to consciously create them! It lies in the ability to focus energies and create a belief in the thing itself. You can even make it to be somewhat targeted.

The only con to this is that thus far it isn't a controllable power by many.Once it is released it more or less manifests as it wants when it wants. You tend to have no ability to give it a specific set of instructions or control it as a sort of avatar, but it would be neat if it did! I think it's definitely something that would be worth investigating and attempting to master.
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