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Re: Regrouping

Post by TheRealXenquility » May 30th, 2020, 9:37 am

Damn good to hear from you again man. Scared us back there with all the oh-god-orange-guy-is-back-and-fucking-us-in-the-ass-again stuff. How've things been going over there? Heard you're working with some of those new fangled computer wiz's.

No clue why this Wolfcat is just a "dream" though I think IA said a few times he doesn't think it was our Wolfcat that''s being used as a mask. Going to guess based on the Wolfcat saying that the orange guy made a deal with the "Trickster" followed by orange guys mentioned of dealing with "The Father" (As well as the orange guy saying he had an agreement with the "Dark One" in the SIEGUNSERE video) that he made some sort of deal with Tenebris. Any idea what "His hunger has been sated." means? I guess it could just be Tenebris but I'm guessing it's referring to someone who feeds off of us using Luna's power. And I'm guessing based on the 04/13/2020 that the Wolfcat has somehow escaped, and that the following post is referencing Yuuki? Orange man also mentioned Yuuki somehow meddling in the SIEGUNSERE video which I would presume is referencing this.

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