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Post by CelestialLight » March 26th, 2019, 9:13 pm

Have you had any Dreams that does not seem normal to you, like a Location or a Person you never met before, Just Something Odd. Do note I never had any of these Dreams, i just felt like posting this. Because i wanted to see if anyone on here had a dream like that, mainly because its interesting to me to hear about Peoples Dreams.
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Re: Dreams

Post by Zinzio » March 28th, 2019, 9:06 pm

yeah, i've had some dreams like that before. there have been a number of times i've had this girl with green hair show up in my dreams, kinda off in the background. she's absolutely not somebody i've ever seen before and it's always really hard for me to focus on the fact that she exists in the dreams.

like, when i become aware of her being there i become aware that i'm dreaming and everything slowly fades away.

i literally could not describe a single thing about her other than she A: Green hair that happens to be the exact shade of green i think would look coolest on hair, and B: is 100% my type. no clue what she looks like other than that tho

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